[Libdlo] DisplayLink on Linux (Ubuntu or other distro)

Alexander Todorov atodorov at otb.bg
Tue Mar 1 11:13:22 PST 2011

На  1.03.2011 14:29, Alberto Priore написа:
> Hi,
> I bought this product
> http://www.itek.it:81/index.php/en/producttmp.html?page=shop.product_details&flypage=ilvm_fly_admirable.tpl&product_id=63&category_id=21
> I need to get it works with Ubuntu or other Linux distro
> I've followed all the driver installation and a lot of tutorial and guide
> about it but I can't get it works.

What have you done and what happens? What distro are you using?  Where did you 
get your drivers from? IIRC latest Ubuntu has the udlfb driver included in the 
distro and that should work out of the box. Give us more information so we can 
help you.

Some things to try:
* When you boot the PC and connect the TV to the USB video card does it turn green?
* If TV is no green then try connecting LCD computer monitor to the video card 
and see what happens.


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