[Libdlo] Linux DispayLink issues

Eugene Perepelitzki eugenep at wisair.com
Wed Mar 16 04:32:49 PDT 2011

On Tue, 2011-03-15 at 16:34 +0200, Martin Decky wrote:
> > In case of wireless USB, device connection is more complicated task
> then
> > in usual USB. So we want be able to connect wireless USB video card
> to
> > host while X server is running.
> Yes, sure. And this is exactly the use case which is not supported by
> the current X server. Linux kernel will recognize the new USB video
> card
> on connection, you can even start a new instance of the X server on
> it,
> but there is no way how to "plug" it into the running instance of the
> X
> server.
> > Is it possible to implement special x-driver which will care about
> plug
> > and play issue of USB/wireless USB connected video cards?
> Technically, yes. Such "wrapper" driver might be a slightly better
> solution than all the current approaches, it might even allow to do
> such
> "tricks" with the DisplayLink devices which are currently only
> possible
> in Windows (like using the power of the primary GPU(s) for 3D
> acceleration of the DisplayLink output).
> But it will also introduce some overhead even in the case there is no
> DL
> device connected.
> I think, for the long run, it is simply needed to improve the core X
> server to allow much higher degree of run-time (re)configuration. I
> don't want to be a fault-finder, but it's really a shame that the X
> server cannot change the BPP while running. 15 years since Windows can
> do it quite reliably ..
> BTW: Some two three years ago people were talking about a future
> version
> of XRandR (1.4 or something) which should bring multi-GPU support and
> such stuff. Does anybody know what is the current status of these
> great
> plans?
> Best regards
> Martin Decky
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Thanks for your answers.

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