[Libdlo] xorg with fbdev and multiple cards

Felicitus felicitus at felicitus.org
Sat Jul 7 17:05:41 PDT 2012


I finally managed to get the Lenovo ThinkVision LT1421 to work with xorg.

The displaylink driver didn't work [1], which caused a segmentation
fault while starting xorg - if somebody can assist me in debugging, I am
willing to help out finding the issue.

The patched fbdev driver [2] did actually work, however, I am unable to
use my built-in intel card at the same time as the usb display. It seems
to depend on which card I place first in my xorg.conf - the other one
gets "silently" unloaded (no messages indicating what's going on).

My config is at [3], a log file at [4].

Any hints on how to debug this?


[1] http://git.plugable.com/webdav/xf-video-udlfb/
[2] http://git.plugable.com/webdav/xf86-video-fbdev/
[3] http://timohummel.com/temp/xorg-both-drivers.conf
[4] http://timohummel.com/temp/xorg-both-drivers.log

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