[Libdlo] Displaylink/Mimo and RTSP stream...Contract programming?

r10kindsofpeople r10kindsofpeople at gmail.com
Mon Mar 5 07:55:40 PST 2012

We have a requirement for a video playback application...something to
display the RTSP stream from an inexpensive Ethernet camera to a Mimo
monitor.  The monitor is hanging off an Intel Johnstown (Atom)
motherboard running Ubuntu 10.04 rt (2.6.31-11?).  We've tried using
VLC and had color issues, and MPlayer has problems with jerky output
after it's been running for 10 minutes or so.  There are some
restrictions on libraries...we have another application running under
Qt 4.6.2 that we don't want to touch, and background applications that
need quick response to interrupts from the serial ports.

Is there anyone with expertise in RTSP streams and udlfb in the U.S.
that would be interested in taking this on a contract basis?  The
resulting software would be released as open-source.

Barring that, any hints that might allow us to get it working ourselves?

I'm having trouble identifying the version of udlfb that we're using,
but it looks like the files are dated June 2010.


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