[Libdlo] DisplayLink driver for BlackBerry

Alexander Todorov atodorov at otb.bg
Fri Aug 2 11:52:07 PDT 2013

Hi guys,
it's been a while since I last followed this list.

Is anybody aware of or working on a driver port for BlackBerry 10 OS? I'd love 
to connect mine to a docking station (hasn't been able to test it yet) without 
using the HDMI port - just USB.

In case nobody is working here are some questions, in order to figure out if 
this is technically possible:

1) IIRC there was an initial user space implementation for DisplayLink driver, I 
think this is the 'libdlo' library itself, can somebody remind me if this is 

BB apps permissions/security is pretty much every app for itself so a driver 
needs to be build as a user space app.

2) What sort of low level API access does the driver need? I can think about low 
level read/write access to the USB bus and possibly the graphical server. 
Anything I'm missing?

In Linux how does the driver communicate with X ? For the record: I'm not sure 
if BB 10 even uses Xorg or something else, or if they have API for this. But 
I've seen "desktop" sharing between phones so it should be doable.

BB 10 is essentially QNX and has a C and C++ development stack so I think it 
could be possible to create a driver app.


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