[libmbim-devel] Why did the commit IDs change from gitorious to freedesktop?

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at lanedo.com
Mon Apr 22 02:31:32 PDT 2013

>> I always took the gitorious one as a temp repo waiting for the official
>> one... The problem is that I had several fixup! commands in the
>> gitorious one, which is why the commit ids changed, I rebased
>> --autosquash the branch before pushing it to freedesktop. So the branch
>> really has the same contents, just some commits were squashed... Sorry
>> for the confusion :/
> Uhm, well, nothing is temporary once it is on the 'net.
> But I guess the alternative would be waiting until now before getting
> anything.  So thanks for making the preview available on gitorious
> earlier.  I'll switch to the official repo now and stop whining.

Thanks for understanding :) You can really forget about the gitorious
repo by now.


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