More MBIM devices appearing in the wild

Bjørn Mork bjorn at
Tue Jun 11 13:13:25 PDT 2013

I just got this pointer from the user strugglig here:

So there are Sierra Wireless MC8305 modules with MBIM out there.
Probably not too surprising given the Microsoft requirement, but still..

And this also reveals a problem with the qmi_wwan interface number
matching.  Which quite possibly is just an error on my side in this
case. The question mark in the comment behind this entry suggests so.
I'm certainly hoping that any vendor having based their Windows driver
logic on interface number matching, doesn't reuse the same numbers in
alternate configs.  That should be confusing even to Windows.

It's also the first chance to get any idea on whether the MC7710 ZLP
quirk must be extended to more devices.  We still cannot tell if it
applies to Qualcomm devices in general.  But a positive confirmation
here will enough for me to propose applying the quirk to all Sierra

We just need the user to test this device with MBIM.


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