DSS usage

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at aleksander.es
Thu Apr 10 23:56:07 PDT 2014

On Fri, Apr 11, 2014 at 4:32 AM, Arnaud Desmier <adesmier at sequans.com> wrote:
> If we continue using VLAN we still depends on wwan interface status to
> access DSS channels. So we have to link NetworkManager to libmbim to avoid
> putting down wwan interface if there is any DSS channel open.
> What about opening DSS channel when wwan interface is down?

If there is a single process taking care of bringing up/putting down
the MBIM WWAN interfaces, then everything would be more or less
solved, as that process could take into account which other processes
requested to have the interface up or down. Still believe that the
mbim-proxy could do that; e.g. by managing the up/down state itself
via netlink. The proxy would detect when a Connect succeeded and
directly ifup the interface itself, and when a Disconnect succeeds it
can also bring it down. At the same time, it could also manage the DSS
sessions, and if there is a session ongoing it would make sure that
the interface is kept up (or something like that). NetworkManager
would just need to avoid bringing it up/down itself.

Them, in libmbim we could have a new API like:

mbim_dss_activate (
    const MbimUuid *device_service_id,
    guint32 dss_session_id);

This method takes a service ID and session ID (for the  DSS connect
command) and returns an open file descriptor (or a higher level
GObject which contains more info, but that's the idea). The
intermediate mbim-proxy could take care of exposing a temporary socket
behind that file descriptor, and also take care of managing the whole
stream within the channel, removing unneeded ethernet headers and
hiding all the VLAN handling to other processes, which would only play
with the fd.

Isn't this a possible path to take? Maybe I'm missing something?


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