A new wave of MBIM devices?

Bjørn Mork bjorn at mork.no
Wed Feb 5 07:26:14 PST 2014

The Intel XMM 7160 devices are starting to appear.  Sierra Wireless
announced their EM7340 and EM7345 yesterday:

And Telit have had the LN930 in their product list for a while:

I must admit that I am pretty curious wrt the MBIM usage in these
modules. This is the first chipset generation which doesn't have to drag
any old management protocol with it.  Did they implement lots of vendor
specific services for all the interesting firmware internals?  Or have
they just hidden it all?  I do note that the SW datasheet lists "AT
Commands" in the "Control options" row, where they have "GOBI API" for
the Qualcomm based devices.  I also note that they have *not* checked
for Linux drivers for the EM734x devices.  Which I find a bit
surprising.  I would expect them to work out of the box with the
cdc_mbim driver.  But that's just guessing.  I don't know anything about
them yet..

Anyone had a chance to poke at one of these devices yet?


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