MBIM-capable modems

Peter Fassberg pf at leissner.se
Wed May 14 04:23:52 PDT 2014


I'm interested in testing MBIM and it seems that none of my Huawei modems is recognised as MBIM capable.

I found some postings stating that I need to upgrade to a MBIM firmware.

Where can I find info about MBIM capable modems and/or firmware?

I have tested the following to no avail:

Huawei E169 (Qualcomm MSM6280)
Huawei E398 (Qualcomm MDM9200)
Huawei E1550 (Qualcomm MSM6246)
Huawei E3276 (HiSilicon Hi6920)

Best regards,

Peter Fassberg

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