[PATCH] libmbim: Add mbim-proxy support

Bjørn Mork bjorn at mork.no
Mon May 26 00:36:41 PDT 2014

This is all resolved by


The host uses this CID to inform the function of the CIDs for which the
host wishes to receive unsolicited events via
MBIM_INDICATE_STATUS_MESSAGE.  As a result, the function must only
indicate notifications for CIDs which have been enabled via this CID.
The host updates this list appropriately as its state changes.  State
changes at the host are possibly triggered by events received from the
function (including “wake up” from dormant states).  Upon re‐enabling
suppressed notifications the host is responsible for synchronizing to
the latest device state by performing queries for those CIDs.

Upon OPEN_DONE completion, notifications for CIDs defined in this
specification are enabled (aka subscribed to) by default, and vendor
extension notifications are off by default.

Sorry to completely destroy this interesting discussion :-)


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