Ethernet-briding a MBIM-interface

Bjørn Mork bjorn at
Tue Oct 28 01:14:49 PDT 2014

Markus Gothe <nietzsche at> writes:

> I’ve a patch for with improved ARP-handling and setting the mac source,
>  which gives me a DHCP-lease when briding a device…

Yes, you are right.  Looking at net/bridge/br_input.c shows that the all
zero source address is a showstopper:

rx_handler_result_t br_handle_frame(struct sk_buff **pskb)
        if (!is_valid_ether_addr(eth_hdr(skb)->h_source))
                goto drop;

That's good enough for me.  Let's attempt to change it.

As for ARP handling in the driver: I don't think that will happen.  It's
just too ugly.  Yes, I know I wrote some testing code, but that was just
to try to figure out how to deal with an IPv6 related firmware issue.

If you need ARP then you should either enable proxy ARP or run some
userspace application to handle it.


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