Trying to select IP version on connect and question of language bindings for libmbim

Neal Gompa ngompa13 at
Fri Jul 31 14:10:03 PDT 2015


I'm trying to use mbimcli to connect to the Internet using my mobile
broadband card (Telit LN930) on CentOS 7.1, which has
libmbim-1.5.0-3.20130815git. Using it, I was able to establish a
connection, but I had no IP address information since dhclient doesn't work
on the modem. So, I upgraded to 1.12 and applied the patch from this
mailing list as a new custom package. After that point, I was able to
connect, but I appeared to be unable to be able to connect in such a way
that I could force the bearer to be IPv4, IPv6, or IPv4+IPv6. Am I missing
something that would make this possible?

Also, are there bindings to other languages for libmbim or something that I
can use to talk to mbim modems from a language that isn't C/C++ (like
Python, for example)?

Thanks in advance,

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