ERROR: mbim message timeout - (using umbim on OpenWRT)

Peter Gerten peter.gerten at
Thu Mar 12 01:17:16 PDT 2015

- Sierra Wireless EM7345
- Huawei ME936
- Sierra Wireless MC7355

- OpenWRT (latest git: r44651)
- Kernel 3.14.34

Only the first MBIM command to any of this modems works, after that it
apears to be stalled and results in a "ERROR: mbim message timeout".
This obviously make the network scripts fail, as they issue multiple umbim
commands in sequence to connect to the network.
If I do a usb reset using the "usbreset" tool, I can again send one MBIM
command before getting timeout.
Test command: "umbim -d /dev/cdc-wdm0". Sometimes even two command in
sequence work - I was not able to make this consistently reproducible

This happens on my RT5350 target as well as on an x86 OpenWRT target in
VirtualBox. It does not seems USB host related.
All of the modem work fine on Ubuntu 14.04 with ModemManager.
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