ERROR: mbim message timeout - (using umbim on OpenWRT)

Markus Gothe nietzsche at
Thu Mar 12 13:17:30 PDT 2015

Well... As stated previously I am working on this as part of my everyday work.

My advice is to use mbimcli with the verbose flag and then do the same with umbim. Compare the results.

I fixed the "ugly bug" yesterday where umbim did not work, this way, with the d-link dwm-156 rev a7 due to not asking cdc-wdm about the max size and dynamically manage this. 
This and other umbim improvements will be released in our GPL-packages later this year.

Sorry I cannot provide more help on the subject since it is regulated by Swedish law of competing in work. :-(

But what I can tell is that you should use '-n' and '-t' to avoid the timeout behaviour, however you'll need to track and increment the transaction ID.

Do you have a copy over of Huawei's MBIM Tool btw...??? :-)

//M - The panamahat hacker

Den 12 mar 2015 09:17 skrev Peter Gerten <peter.gerten at>:
> >
> > Devices:
> > - Sierra Wireless EM7345
> > - Huawei ME936
> > - Sierra Wireless MC7355
> >
> > Software:
> > - OpenWRT (latest git: r44651)
> > - Kernel 3.14.34
> >
> > Only the first MBIM command to any of this modems works, after that it apears to be stalled and results in a "ERROR: mbim message timeout".
> > This obviously make the network scripts fail, as they issue multiple umbim commands in sequence to connect to the network.
> > If I do a usb reset using the "usbreset" tool, I can again send one MBIM command before getting timeout.
> > Test command: "umbim -d /dev/cdc-wdm0". Sometimes even two command in sequence work - I was not able to make this consistently reproducible though.
> >
> > This happens on my RT5350 target as well as on an x86 OpenWRT target in VirtualBox. It does not seems USB host related.
> > All of the modem work fine on Ubuntu 14.04 with ModemManager.

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