QMI via MBIM for "FCC Authentication" fix

Bjørn Mork bjorn at mork.no
Sat Apr 2 20:13:54 UTC 2016

Emil Ljungdahl <emil at kratern.se> writes:

> I got a new ThinkPad T460s with a Sierra EM7455 with the same behavior
> here. So I guess this FCC Authentication is not something that will go
> away anytime soon...

Yes... I've been playing with the Lenovo driver/firmware package to
learn a bit about these modems, and I did notice that there is a

 FCC_AUTH => 01

setting in the
file (which AFAIU contains all the Lenovo specific settings).  I assume
that controls a NVRAM setting for this functionality.  Which means that
we can disable ;)

But that's too risky an experiment on a laptop which almost certainly
verifies that the installed modem is a "geniune Lenovo part", and might
refuse to boot if it isn't.

> What can I help out with? Is the "QMI over MBIM" in libqmi the way to
> go?

I believe so.  That would be very useful for lots of other QMI
functionality as well.

> How far did you get with that Collin?

I believe the posted patches were functional, but there were some
outstanding questions on how to properly integrate it in
MM/libmbim/libqmi.  Is that correct, Aleksander?


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