FCC Authentication with umbim

Bjørn Mork bjorn at mork.no
Sun Aug 21 00:26:29 UTC 2016

Bjørn Mork <bjorn at mork.no> writes:
> Fabian Schörghofer <fabian.schoergi at gmail.com> writes:
>> but if the above is not
>> possible, would it be possible to send the FCC Auth with umbim? The
>> library hasn't been updated recently, so I don't think this is as of now
>> possible.
> Implementing this in umbim is on my TODO list.  Which means that I might
> do it in a couple of years :)
> I don't think it makes sense to add the full QMI proxying thing in
> umbim, since there is no matching libqmi library.  A simpler approach,
> just implementing the necessary QMI messages inside umbim, is probably
> fine.  Should not be too much work if anyone wants to get their feet
> wet. I think it would be good for umbim if it got more developer action
> than an occasional patch from John or me..  Especially since I don't use
> umbim myself, except for testing.

Just FYI:  This is now done!

Moving a bit back and forth, it ended up inside uqmi instead of umbim.
That way we get MBIM support for *all* QMI requests implemented by uqmi,
similarily to what we have in libqmi+libmbim.

 $ uqmi --help 2>&1|egrep 'mbim|fcc'
   --device-is-mbim, -m              NAME is an MBIM device with EXT_QMUX support
   --fcc-auth:                       Set FCC authentication

This is tested and working with my FCC Auth enabled EM7455.

Using it can be a bit awkward, since you have to use umbim to open the
MBIM session, then uqmi to send the MBIM wrapped QMI request, and then
umbim again to close the session.  But this is pretty much the way
uqmi/umbim are designed: They are just basic building blocks. You need
to build something on top using scripts or whatever.

Patches are here:

Don't know if this will be accepted, but I like it myself at least :)

(No, I'm not recommending uqmi on PC systems. Use ModemManager if you
can.  uqmi is only for those who cannot)


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