ANN: libmbim 1.14.0 released

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at
Tue Jul 5 10:09:14 UTC 2016


This is a new major release of libmbim, which will be the base for the
new 1.14.x stable series (the new "mbim-1-14" branch in git).

A note for distribution packagers: the new ModemManager 1.6.0 series,
not yet released, will depend on this version of libmbim.

Overview of changes in libmbim 1.14

* New support for the 'QMI over MBIM' service, so that clients can use
libqmi to build messages and libmbim to transport them.

* The GUDev library, which we use to read the max message size from the
USB descriptor, is now optional. When configuring, it will be used by
default only if it's found. It can also be explicitly disabled using the
new configure switch '--without-udev' or explicitly enabled using
'--with-udev'. If GUDev isn't used, libmbim-glib will rely on sysfs

* libmbim-glib updates:
  ** Added support for building messages of custom services.

* mbim-network updates:
  ** Added support for loading profiles from different paths using the
new '--profile' option. This makes it possible to use mbim-network with
multiple devices running in the same system.
  ** Added support to allow specifying APN user (APN_USER), password
(APN_PASS) and authentication type (APN_AUTH) in the profile.
  ** Added support to allow using the mbim-proxy setup by configuring it
in the profile file (PROXY=yes).

* Several other minor improvements and fixes.

The following features which were backported to 1.12.x releases are also
present in libmbim 1.14.0:

 * mbimcli updates:
   ** Updated '--connect' arguments to allow specifying "key=value"
pairs. The old legacy
"[(APN),(PAP|CHAP|MSCHAPV2),(Username),(Password)]" format is kept as
valid for backwards compatibility, although it should be assumed deprecated.
   ** Longer timeouts for connect/register operations.
   ** Report IP configuration when connected.
   ** Allow specifying session ids.

 * libmbim-glib updates:
   ** Probing retry interval increased to 5s.


About libmbim:

Download here:

Verify it:
    $ md5sum libmbim-1.14.0.tar.xz
    2ed809e65c85353d3ab59e372890e549  libmbim-1.14.0.tar.xz

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    libmbim-devel at

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