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Thanks Guys,

However, the firmware and printout was from ME906E, which is based on the
Qualcomm 9x15 chipset, the ME936 uses XMM7160 so the firmware is expected
to be different.

The link from Markus (
have one post with ME936 successfully setup with NCM, there are no mentions
of the firmware the person is using. For me same actions to setup NCM did
not work.

Then I found another post (in german) where they are able to get ME936 up
and working with MBIM, and with the same firmware as I have.

           |          model: 'MBIM [12D1:15BB]'
           |       revision: '11.350.20.01.00'


They did activate it via udev, changing the value in bConfigurationValue to
3. I tried same but it does not seem to take effect.

I am running linux kernel 4.6.4, so it shouldn't be too old :)

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