ANN: libmbim 1.12.4 released

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at
Wed Mar 16 12:44:54 UTC 2016


This is a new release in the 1.12.x series, built from the mbim-1-12

Overview of changes in libmbim 1.12.4

 * Updated '--connect' arguments to allow specifying "key=value" pairs.
The old legacy "[(APN),(PAP|CHAP|MSCHAPV2),(Username),(Password)]"
format is kept as valid for backwards compatibility, although it should
be assumed deprecated.

 * mbimcli: longer timeouts for connect/register operations.
 * mbimcli: report IP configuration when connected.
 * mbimcli: allow specifying session ids.
 * libmbim-glib: probing retry interval increased to 5s.
 * and some other minor fixes...


About libmbim:

Download here:

Verify it:
    $ md5sum libmbim-1.12.4.tar.xz
    4561bc490fcd439aa805c1692b25cb61  libmbim-1.12.4.tar.xz

Please report bugs either to:
    libmbim-devel at

Or to bugzilla:



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