MC7455 on Rasp Pi 3

Gabriel Kuri gkuri at
Tue Sep 19 18:33:51 UTC 2017

> Does the bounce of the WWAN imply mbim-network is re-executed?

Yes, the bounce is running a mbim-network stop and then a mbim-network start

> You could run the "mbim-proxy" manually to dump logs to a log file, e.g.:
> $ /usr/libexec/mbim-proxy --verbose > /var/log/mbim-proxy.log 2>&1
> And once the proxy is running, run mbim-network as you were (but with
> the PROXY=yes in the mbim-network profile). This will dump all MBIM
> communications to a file, and we can check later on which kind of
> errors you got that forced the connection to get disconnected.

OK, I will look at implementing mbim-proxy to capture some additional logging.

> Yes, MM and NM are daemons and they have CLIs. There's no GUI
> required, although multiple GUIs support NM and MM.

I will check out MM and NM as well.

> There probably is some AT command to do that, but I was really
> referring to the QMI command, i.e.:
> $ qmicli -d /dev/cdc-wdm0 --wds-set-autoconnect-settings="enabled,home-only"

Oh ok, I will give that a try.

> Well, NM and MM are autonomous daemons that will actively manage the
> connections; that means reconnecting if needed and such. The
> "lightweight" solution is probably the mbim-network based one,
> although it would also be more limited.

Ok, thanks. I'll let you know what happens.

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