[RFC] Update empty qmi|mbim-proxy lifetime from 30s to 300s

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at aleksander.es
Thu Mar 7 13:23:12 UTC 2019


ModemManager 1.10 introduced the concept of "inhibiting devices" which
is basically a way to tell MM to temporarily stop using a given modem,
e.g. if we want to do a firmware upgrade.

Once a device is inhibited, all clients of the qmi|mbim-proxy
processes that were created by MM gets removed, and so the proxies may
end up without any client and the "empty proxy lifetime" timeout kicks
in. This timeout is currently 30s, and when it's reached, the proxy
process finishes by itself.

I'd like to increase this timeout to a much longer value, e.g. 300s,
because I wouldn't want other processes to have to restart the proxies
themselves while the device inhibition in MM is ongoing.

I know systems where the proxies are running from system boot, without
any "empty proxy lifetime", but that is probably overkill as a
default, so how about using a 300s timeout instead of 30s? That would
at least solve my issues with fwupd as 300s is long enough for a FW
update to be performed, and so the proxies are not
finished/restarted/finished/restarted during the upgrade.

What do you think?


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