ANN: libmbim 1.20.0 released

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at
Fri Sep 6 12:25:37 UTC 2019


This is a new major release of libmbim, which will be the base for the new 1.20.x stable series (the new "mbim-1-20" branch in git).

Overview of changes in libmbim 1.20

 * Build updated with several fixes:
   ** Explicitly define max allowed GLib version.
   ** Fix issues with -Werror=type-limits.
   ** Made compiler warning options compatible with clang.

 * mbim-proxy:
   ** Fixed client subscription to service indications using wildcard.
   ** Fixed client subscription update logic when services/cids are being removed.
   ** New '--empty-timeout=[SECS}' option to specify the empty lifetime duration.
   ** New '--no-exit' option to avoid the proxy from exiting.

 * Several other minor improvements and fixes.

The following features which were backported to 1.18.x releases are also present in libmbim 1.20.0:

 * mbim-proxy: default empty lifetime set to 300s.


About libmbim:

Download here:

Verify it:
    $ md5sum libmbim-1.20.0.tar.xz 
    b5506db07fb2a0b118e0d6e59b3d5b8f  libmbim-1.20.0.tar.xz

API here:

Please report bugs either to:
    libmbim-devel at

Or to gitlab:


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