5G NR support

Bjørn Mork bmork at telenor.net
Fri Aug 28 08:40:50 UTC 2020


I must admitting that I haven't been closely following the development
here lately, so I have probably missed a few things.

But I just stumbled across
and wondered if anyone is working on implementing that?

It seems like the USB-IF have just dropped out, as pointed out by
Microsoft.  I don't know how vendors are responding to this.  But I
guess it will be pretty hard to implement MBIM support on a 5G NR modem
without having some way to express the new radio interface.

And I ended up reading that because I was pointed to
which also seems like a very useful MBIM alternative to the QMI NAS "Get
Cell Location Info".  Is that something anyone has on the radar?

Personally I don't have any newer devices, so I have no idea what modem
vendors are doing these days.  They might all have moved on to
proprietary PCIe solutions for all I know..


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