ANN: libmbim 1.26.0 released

Yegor Yefremov yegorslists at
Tue Jul 27 18:20:06 UTC 2021

On Tue, Jul 27, 2021 at 4:31 PM Aleksander Morgado
<aleksander at> wrote:
> > >
> > >   * In addition to building from a source release tarball, or building from git checkouts using the GNU autotools suite (autoconf/automake/libtool), this release includes the initial  support for the meson build system. The meson port is not fully complete yet, as there are some missing things in the doc generation steps, but for system integration or development  purposes, the port should be fully operational. This major release, including all its stable updates in the 1.26.x series, will be the last ones providing support for GNU autotools. The next major release will likely be a meson-only one, and will therefore not be based on a source release tarball any more, but on specific git tags instead.
> >
> > Can it be that meson files are missing in the tarball?
> >
> Completely possible, yes. If you're building from a release tarball,
> you should use autotools. If you want to buid using meson, you should
> directly build from git. Or at least that is what I would suggest.
> Building using meson from a release tarball is a bit convoluted IMO.

OK. So in BR I should switch to git. I am preparing a bump right now.

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