ANN: libmbim 1.26.2 released

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at
Mon Nov 8 12:00:41 UTC 2021


This is the first bugfix release in the 1.26.x series, built from the mbim-1-26 branch.

Overview of changes in libmbim 1.26.2

  * The meson build setup was updated as follows:
    ** Added new 'man' boolean option to allow disabling the generation of man pages explicitly; 'true' by default.
    ** Updated the 'introspection' option to be a boolean; 'true' by default. This effectively removes the automatic enabling of the introspection support based on whether the  dependencies are found or not.
    ** Fixed static build failure with toolchains that don't support dynamic library.
    ** Add version script linker flag only when available.
    ** Fixed double quotes in udev rules file generated.

  * Added support for a new Quectel service, including the following operations:

  * mbim-codegen:
    ** Explicitly require python3.

  * mbimcli:
    ** New '--quectel-query-radio-state' and '--quectel-set-radio-state' operations, which provide a way to FCC unlock EM120 modules in new Lenovo laptops.

  * Several other minor improvements and fixes.


About libmbim:

Download here:

Verify it:
     $ sha256sum libmbim-1.26.2.tar.xz
     10c77bf5b5eb8c92ba80e9b519923ad9b898362bc8e1928e2bc9a17eeba649af  libmbim-1.26.2.tar.xz
     $ gpg --verify libmbim-1.26.2.tar.xz.asc libmbim-1.26.2.tar.xz

Please report bugs either to:
     libmbim-devel at

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