[Liboil] complex types?

Stephane Fillod f8cfe at free.fr
Sun Nov 13 16:07:52 PST 2005


Some new liboil functions I'd like to introduce need (math) complex types.
Those complex types may be based on 32 bit floats, double, 16 bit signed
short ints, 8 bit unsigned ints, etc. So we need to introduce new
type names in function names. Should it be _cf32, _cs16, _cu8, etc. ?
Dave, what do you advise, how the new types should be added to and handled
by the automatical function testing (ie. wrt OIL_DEFINE_CLASS) ?

What should be the function argument type? In the case of _cf32, should
it be "float *", or "struct { float data[2]; } *" ?
Rem: I prefer the first one.


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