[Liboil] alignment problems with sse2

Matthias Drochner M.Drochner at fz-juelich.de
Tue Oct 17 12:17:54 PDT 2006

ds at schleef.org said:
> Ok, applied.

Thanks, one patch less in the pkgsrc collection.

> Any clue if NetBSD supports the hw.instruction_sse sysctl?

Yes, on i386, but named a bit differently:
$ /sbin/sysctl -a|grep sse
machdep.sse = 1
machdep.sse2 = 1

The sysctl MIB constants are CPU_SSE and CPU_SSE2.

On amd64 there is no such thing, sse2 is assumed.
Please tell me if you need something tested.

best regards

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