[Liboil] rgb2yuv / rgba2yuv

Christian Parpart trapni at gentoo.org
Tue Feb 13 03:43:19 PST 2007

Hi all,

I'm using glReadPixels() to capture from GL windows, with the goal, to store 
them in real time (as a movie) on disk. As most games already take mostly 
100% of cpu load, this encoding needs to be real fast - not the best 
compression though, but a good thing between low disk space (-> no RGBA raw 
frames) and a low cpu load for encoding from RGB/RGBA to the destination 
format. though, most libraries seem to expect the input format to be yuv422, 
and OpenGL doesn't provide this as pixel storage format, so i've to convert 
it. this is why I'm searching for some good looking accelerated conversion 
library (liboil^^) that may help me out a bit.

liboil contains some colour conversion algorithms, but unfortunately always 
with the wrong direction (from yuv to rgb)
Is there any plan to implement a RGB/RGBA/.. to YUVxxx algorithm?

Thanks in advance,
Christian Parpart.
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