[Liboil] [announce] oil-0.1.0

cee1 fykcee1 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 24 04:31:36 PDT 2009

Hi all,I'm doing a fork (rewrite) of liboil. It resides at

Difference between liboil and oil:

   1. oil splits liboil into three modules: oilcore, oiltest and oilfuncs.
   oilcore realizes the concept of  "function class" and implement.
   oiltest corresponds to the OilTest-related functions in liboil, it depends
   on glib. oilfuncs pre-defined a group of function classes and  their
   implements (currently oilfuncs has only one function class and implement).
   2. Runtime testing and selecting the best implements is not necessary for
   oil. oilfuncs can select the best implement according the result of pre-done
   test. So oil-based application only depends on oilcore, that's quite
   3. There is no explicit way to register user-defined function class
   through liboil's official API. oil has.
   4. oil has API to control/customize the process of testing: by changing
   the variables of testing context, and/or overloading checker, profiler,
   timer and randomize function.
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