[Liboil] Is liboil still alive?

Thiago Galesi thiagogalesi at gmail.com
Fri Feb 20 07:56:59 PST 2009

I'm not sure about MPI but it seems two fundamentally different things
(by reading the MPI faq).

MPI is about distributed computing

LibOIL is what the name says :) Optimized Inner Loops. It's about an
API that provides common (vector) operations (inner product,
multiplying all numbers in an array) and does it in the fastest way

> But in looking
> through the mailing list archives, it seems that there hasn't been any
> meaningful activity since June of 2008.
> Is the liboil project still alive?  (i.e., should I bother to ask my
> questions?)

I'm afraid I can't answer that question, but liboil is used in several
projects including gstreamer, etc


Thiago Galesi

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