[Liboil] Is liboil still alive?

Thiago Galesi thiagogalesi at gmail.com
Fri Feb 20 11:22:07 PST 2009

> We were hoping that liboil would obviate the need for us to muck in
> assembly.  :-)
> I do see *some* assembly in liboil/*/*copy*.c.  Does anyone know if any of
> these have non-temporal copies?  There's no real comments to explain, and I
> have no idea what the assembly for non-temporal copies looks like...

Nowadays assembly is not needed as much since the invention of
intrinsics (that's the _mm_store_si128 kind of thing), it's like a C
function, but 'lighter'


Non-temporal ops have NT in their name, like movntq

By the way here's a gcc example of non-temporal ops

/* Stores the data in A to the address P without polluting the caches.  */
static __inline void __attribute__((__always_inline__))
_mm_stream_pi (__m64 *__P, __m64 __A)
  __builtin_ia32_movntq ((unsigned long long *)__P, (unsigned long long)__A);

(this is in include/xmmintrin.h)

You can find these in GCCs manual and includes

Thiago Galesi

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