[Liboil] I get no liboiltmp1.exp file .Whats wrong ?

Bernd Roesch nospamname at web.de
Thu Sep 24 01:24:04 PDT 2009

Hello David

On 23.09.09, you wrote:

> On Tue, Sep 22, 2009 at 03:38:00PM +0200, Bernd Roesch wrote:
>> Hello 
>> On 20.09.09, you wrote:
>>> To get the latest development source, you need to use the 'git'
>>> version control tool:
>>>  git clone git://anongit.freedesktop.org/git/liboil
>> thanks, I check newest out, but this need too the .exp file to collect
>> the classes.
> Liboil does not compile with --disable-shared, so don't use it.  It's
> not a bug that I'm inclined to fix.

I compile now only with --host=m68k-amigaos.configure and compile work, but
there is no .exp file create.
the .libs dir contain this file

liboiltmp1.a 2.131.898 bytes

In the source of 0.3.16 on your page, is that correct setting for amiga OS
in to build shared lib.but there are more amiga os configure entries.

file configure
      case $host_cpu in
            # see comment about AmigaOS4 .so support
            # FIXME: we need at least 68020 code to build shared libraries,
            # adding the `-m68020' flag to GCC prevents building anything
            # like `-m68040'.
            lt_prog_compiler_pic='-m68020 -resident32 -malways-restore-a4'

I dont know about .exp files or how gcc create that files.
When i search in inet for .exp then i get only the information, that it seem
a Visual C feature.

Please tell me what option of gcc is this.


maybe you can add in configure that a error come with that Option.

>> the checked out source does not contain configure and makefile.in
>> files.The archive of 0.3.16 contain this, so no autoconf automake is
>> need.
> You need to run ./autogen.sh

bring too errors and generate no makefiles.configure file is now larger, and
report install-sh is miss when execute.ok this file i can use from 0.3.16

But i dont understand, wy you not have same files as your download 0.3.16 in
This save you lots time, when you create a archive.

> dave...

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