[Liboil] Orc-0.4.17

David Schleef ds at schleef.org
Mon Mar 11 12:00:37 PDT 2013

Two bits of Orc news:

 - Orc is now a subproject of GStreamer.  This is because the project
   has always been closely tied to GStreamer, both in terms of developer
   and user overlap.  This should not have any immediate architectural
   effects, but it's likely bug fixes will get pushed faster.

   As part of this, the new git repository is:


   Cgit web page:


 - There's a new release, 0.4.17:


Maintenance release:

 - Merged known distro patches.
 - Added MIPS backend (Guillaume Emont).
 - Disabled ARM backend because of poor coverage.
 - Added bytecode parsing and writing.  This can be used instead of
   manual creation of OrcPrograms.

Download directory:


The download directory will be migrated to freedesktop.org sometime


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