Booststraping the testsuite

Hubert Figuiere hub at
Mon Aug 4 16:34:20 PDT 2008

Hi all,

So now, with the latest master in git, you can boostrap the testsuite by
download files over the internet.

Here is how it goes:

I run this:

srcdir=../testsuite ./testsuite/testsuite -b -d files

I'll explain a bit.

I set "srcdir" to where the testsuite.xml is. If you build directly in
the source tree, you don't need. I might add an option to path in this
directory. Not very hard, just lazy.

I start testsuite with 2 parameters:
"-b" to say "bootstrap"
"-d files" to say "put the downloaded files into the "files" directory.
You can set that to any directory, including an absolute path.

After that, "make check" will use the testsuite.xml.overrides files to
overrides the default and run the testsuite.

Now, the testsuite is required to pass for any submitted patch.

Enjoy !


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