[ANN] libopenraw 0.0.5

Hubert Figuiere hub at figuiere.net
Mon Feb 25 21:35:37 PST 2008


I just released libopenraw 0.0.5

This is the last release under LGPLv2.1

The next one will be LGPLv3 as announced earlier.

Download it from:


Here is the changelog:

  - BUG: re-order commands in autogen.sh bug #14055
  - BUG: IFDFileContainer inside another container was
    failing because relative offsets were not used. Needed for
    formats like RAF and MRW.
  - BUG: testsuite didn't return a fail if a test failed, causing make 
    check to succeed even if test failed.
  - BUG: in the use case CIFF (CRW) parsing could crash.
  - BUG: JPEG thumbnails in CR2 where mistakenly recognized as 8RGB
  - BUG: work around thumbnails in CR2 marked as JPEG but that really
    are 8RGB (see Gnome bug #421175).
  - BUG: decompressing CRW was reading past the buffer.
  - NEW: testsuite now support doing checksum on data.
  - NEW: support for Minolta MRW from Dimage 5, Dimage 7x, A1, A2, 5D
    and 7D.
  - NEW: API or_rawdata_get_cfa_pattern() to fetch the CFA pattern.
  - NEW: Decompress/unpack RAW data from DNG uncompressed: Leica DMR,
    Leica M8, Samsung GX-10 and Pro815, K10D, Ricoh GR-2)
  - NEW: Decompress/unpack NEF RAW data from D1, D1X, D100, D2X.
  - NEW: Unpack RAW data from Epson ERF R-D1 files.
  - NEW: demo/thumbc output PPM if the thumbnail is 8RGB.
  - NEW: demo/thumbc now allow -s to pass the thumbnail size wanted.

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