[patch] support 14bit NEF

Hubert Figuiere hub at figuiere.net
Thu Jul 3 12:01:25 PDT 2008

On Thu, 2008-07-03 at 19:54 +0100, Rafael Espíndola wrote:
> > I'll review it and test it. :-)
> > Actually if you could run make check with it and ensure that it works
> > that would be terrific :-) it currently fail the unit tests.
> Done. The problem is that the testcase uses a buffer smaller than the
> minimal value. I changed the code to work with that. My preference
> would be to change the test to use a bigger buffer and input if we can
> make the original code work with all 12 packed files. What do you
> think?

Either or. The general rule is that the unit test should be accurate. So
if the function have some requirement, then the unit test should be
adjusted. In that case that mean the unit test has to be changed.

> Nice to find out that we have a "make check" :-) I will try to add
> some for my classes once things stabilize  a bit on the NEF side.

Wait that I make the testsuite runnable beside my own machine. :-) It is
on my todo list and now is getting a higher priority. (given that it
currently fails on Nikon compressed files).

I wish I had more tests, but at least the one that are there must stay
there and work.


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