[patch] compressed nef support

Rafael Espíndola rafael.espindola at gmail.com
Mon Jun 16 16:38:27 PDT 2008

The attached patch is more of a prototype than a final implementation,
but I would like to put it out for review.

It is able to decode all d40 nefs I tried and one d300 (the number of
columns is wrong for the d300).

I have divided the processing into 3 layers. A bit iterator, a huffman
+ diff computation and a CFA decoder. This might look a bit too much
but I think I can reuse most of the code for the lossless jpeg.

The metadata handling is very incomplete.

My current plan is to first change the asserts with proper error
codes, try to get this committed and then implement support for more
cameras. Once this is done I would like to try to share some code with
the lossless jpeg implementation. This should be nice for reducing
code duplication and I think my huffman implementation is faster :-)

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