Hub Figuière hub at
Sat Jan 21 13:59:10 PST 2012

[ sorry for the delayed reply ]

On 10/01/12 10:39 PM, Jos De Laender wrote:
> Hi.
> I'm trying to understand a bit better the shape and situation of
> libopenraw.
> I'm fiddling around with raw developing software (dlRaw) and I am fed up
> with all the dcraw crap ...
> I understood you can extract the bayer data on a number of popular
> formats and DNG.
> What else can be extracted right now in a standard way.
> I would be in need of at least the blacklevel(s), whitelevel(s),
> colormatrix and the whitebalance multipliers or equivalent.
> Allthough your C++ is at a higher level than my amateur C++, I'm willing
> to reach out a helping hand , if  you give some guidance.

Currently, in git master, you can get the min and max (white and black,
I intend to fix that when I really break the API), the color matrix
(from DNG).
The interesting commit for color matrices is here:

The problem is that several of these are hard coded for each model, so
the need to be added one by one.

My goal right now is to have all the info needed to properly process the
RAW to a sRGB, including camera multipliers, etc.

I'm open to suggestions, improvements, etc.

But right now it is too early in the cycle to even promise a stable API,
but it is getting there slowly.

Hope that helps,


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