[ANN] libopenraw 0.1.2 is out

Hubert Figuière hub at figuiere.net
Mon Apr 17 16:48:22 UTC 2017


I just released libopenraw 0.1.2.

Get it:


Changelog from 0.1.1

New features:

  Camera support:
  [ a * denote that WB coefficients have been included ]

  - Support for Canon 77D / 9000D, EOS-M6.
  - Added aliases Canon Rebel T1i / Kiss X3 for 500D, Rebel XSi for 	
    450D, Kiss Digital N for 350D.
  - Properly recognize Canon Rebel T7i.
  - Support for Pentax KP (DNG).

Bug fixes:

  - Properly identify DNG converted files as generic DNG.
  - Don't crash on some malformed files.

Internal changes:

  - Replace Debug::Trace with LOGXXX().
  - Use Option<> whenever it is appropriate.
  - Check when loading an IfdEntry that it doesn't got past
    the container size.

Have fun


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