Aleksander Morgado aleksander at
Tue Apr 24 00:44:24 PDT 2012

Hey Thomas and Bjørn,

>> My intention was to confirm the last steps with huawei-E398 and
K3565-Z, but I
>> get a compile error:
>> qmi-device.c: In function 'build_transaction_key':
>> qmi-device.c:128:11: warning: cast to pointer from integer of
different size
>> [-Wint-to-pointer-cast]
> The warning is expected.  Could/should be fixed to avoid noise, but
> harmless.

I modified it to use GUINT_TO_POINTER(); which first casts the given
value to a (guint) and then to a (gpointer). That should be enough I guess.

>> ../src/.libs/ undefined reference to `le16toh'
> Strange.  `le16toh' is defined in /usr/include/endian.h.

Explicitly including endian.h was missing in qmi-message-ctl.c; just
pushed a fix for that. We could anyway also use GUINT16_FROM_LE()
instead, along with glib-specific sized types.



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