Andrew Bird (Sphere Systems) ajb at
Fri Apr 27 02:26:33 PDT 2012

On Friday 27 April 2012, Bjørn Mork wrote:
> "Andrew Bird (Sphere Systems)" <ajb at> writes:
> > 	The K3565-Z is a standard 3G modem rather than any sort of hotspot
> > 
> > device, but does offer a pseudo Ethernet mode. Unlike some devices it has
> > no AT commands for bringing up the connection in this mode, so I expect
> > qmi to be the way to do this. I'm hoping to get this mode working at
> > some point, so if there are any procedures you have that would make the
> > device try to establish a connection via qmi, I'd be happy to try them
> > out on all the devices I have.
> I guess we'll soon see full ModemManager QMI support with the speed
> Aleksander, ttuttle and the others are working :-)
> But if you want to play with this while waiting, then the attached perl
> script should help you on the way.  Note that it has lots of well-known
> "i-dont-care" bugs, like wanting to write a file to /etc/network/run/.
> It was primarily meant for my own testing.  But it does illustrate the
> sort of minimum QMI commands for starting and stopping a connection.
> BTW, I've found that the cdc-wdm device probing isn't entirely correct
> either.  It should first try to match against USB interface in case the
> USB device provides multiple QMI/wwan interfaces.  But that shouldn't be
> a problem for you.

Thanks, great stuff!


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