SYNC indications

Bjørn Mork bjorn at
Fri Apr 27 03:09:31 PDT 2012

Aleksander Morgado <aleksander at> writes:

> Does anyone know how to properly process SYNC indications in the CTL
> service? I tried to reply with a SYNC request for each indication I get,
> and the device replies with a proper SYNC-response, but it seems it
> doesn't prevent receiving more of such indications. Any idea what the
> SYNC indications are for in the first place?

I think I once found that sending SYNC will reset all allocated Client
IDs.  Which makes it useful if you have lost track of client state and
want to ensure that it is clean, but not the thing you would want to do
when receiving a SYNC indication.  Needs verification...

I have wondered a bit about the SYNC indications.  I believe you will
always get one after PIN code verification, but I am not entirely sure
that there is a direct connection.  My devices will usually wait a few
seconds before I receive the SYNC.  Could be faster to just sleep and
retest the PIN status.  And I have no idea whether this indication
really is related to PIN unlocking, or just pure coincidence.


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