Question about Gobiserial Vs qmi_wwan

Gopakumar Choorakkot Edakkunni gopakumar.c.e at
Thu Aug 14 16:33:31 PDT 2014


Using a different thread to keep it less confusing. So (as people would
have seen), I had sent emails yesterday about problems with Sierra AC340U
after firmware upgrade, and I got extremely good help in getting past that
problem, very grateful for that !

So now the question is - for changes like this where the firmware makes the
default to be raw-ip etc.., do you think the Gobiserial/Gobinet driver that
Netgear packages on their website would take care of such things ?
Obviously, the windows/mac drivers they provide would have taken care of
this , but from your experience, is their level of commitment to Linux
drivers equally good ? Or are they just packaging some
untested/not-so-tested version of Gobi drivers and throwing them on the
website ? I am guessing the reason why the entire qmi_wwan project started
would have been probably because the vendor support for linux drivers was
not good ?

The reason I ask is because in general, if after a firmware upgrade, if we
run into issues, from your experience, is the Gobi driver provided by
quallcom/vendor (netgear/huawei/..) will be a good bet to get things going
while the qmi_wwan experts like you all catch up with the changes ? Does
such "changes/catch-up" happen often ? Please let me know your thoughts.

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