QMI protocol error (3): 'Internal' when running dms-set-operating-mode

Isaac Raway isaac at mm.st
Tue Dec 30 09:37:28 PST 2014

Hello list,

I have an interesting problem that I have been unable to solve through
normal troubleshooting efforts. I thought I would post to the QMI list
to see if anyone has any ideas on what might be happening here.

I am very interested in debugging this problem at whatever level needed
to get to the bottom of this and would like to end up with a patch
submission to improve the situation for anyone else who runs into the
same problem, either via a better error message or via some sort of fix
(if needed). I have some experience with C but no driver development
experience other than building a module or two from source.

I have a Dell Latitude E7240 with built-in 4G module. We've been able to
get this module to come online and can interrogate it using qmicli, but
any attempt to connect or set the operating mode to online fails --
either via qmicli or NetworkManager+ModemManager.

One interesting note, this card works perfectly if I boot into Windows
from a USB drive (Windows was banished from the internal SSD on
purchase), connect via Dell's "SkyLight" program, then warm-boot back to
Fedora 20. In that case, the initial power mode read from
dms-get-operating-mode is "online" rather than "low-power".

Here is some output of an attempt to set the operating mode:

iraway at procyon:~$ sudo qmicli -d /dev/cdc-wdm0 --dms-get-operating-mode
[/dev/cdc-wdm0] Operating mode retrieved: Mode: 'low-power' HW
restricted: 'no' iraway at procyon:~$ sudo qmicli -d /dev/cdc-wdm0
--dms-set-operating-mode=online error: couldn't set operating mode: QMI
protocol error (3): 'Internal'

Really hoping that someone can help out here, we've been unable to make
any progress for more than a month of debugging (I'm working with the
folks at EmperorLinux through which this machine was purchased, and they
have also been unable to come up with much for this problem so far).


p.s. My apologies if the format or content of my message is not inline
     with the lists' standards!
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