Netgear 770S

Markus Gothe nietzsche at
Fri Oct 17 11:33:50 PDT 2014

This AT&T MiFi exposé a  QMI-interface when using USB-tethering in Linux.

It supports WDA, kinda. Netgear seems to have been defaulting to 
'raw-ip' lately.

Sometimes I am succesful to change the data format with qmicli. But it 
works far from everytime.

I know Björn experimented with adding IP-only/Raw-ip to qmi_wwan.c (I 
won't use Netgear's GobiNet... It is so broken, but less broken than 
that one on CodeAurora).

Any ideas? Maybe Dan has got hold of one of these devices as well???

Skickat ifrån min mobil.

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