Problem with AirCard 340U on embedded Linux

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at
Tue Aug 16 18:47:12 UTC 2016

On Tue, Aug 16, 2016 at 8:14 PM, Bjørn Mork <bjorn at> wrote:
>> If you're going to stick to forcing 802-3 LLP in your device using the
>> --wda-set-data-format, I think you can ignore all those patches.
>> The "--get-expected-data-format" command will only work if your kernel
>> has raw-ip support (32f7adf, which you had cherry-picked already).
>> Which takes me to the next question, which is, why did qmi-network not
>> work for you before you cherry-picked those patches? If qmi-network
>> detects an error in "--get-expected-data-format", it should default to
>> the old behavior of defaulting to 802-3 with WDA...
> I really don't think "--get-expected-data-format" can come into the
> picture here?  The ISC dhclient won't handle that.  So the reason it
> worked for the desktop must have been the fallback to
> --wda-set-data-format.

Sure, that is likely what happened in the desktop, which didn't have
the raw-ip support patches I assume; but why didn't the same thing
work in the embedded platform running Linux 4.1? i.e. why didn't it
fallback to --wda-set-data-format=802-3 when
"--get-expected-data-format" failed?


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