not able to receive any indications using libqmi on Linaro

Shilpa Velamuri shilpa.vel at
Thu Dec 1 23:34:04 UTC 2016

Thank you for your quick response.

It appears from the qmi prints, that no indications are being sent. I only
req/rsp to device open etc. API calls.

Although, app has successfully registered for NAS srv-sys indications and
also connected to signal : serving-system.

Do I need to do anything else to receive indications?

On Dec 1, 2016 1:53 PM, "Aleksander Morgado" <aleksander at>

On Thu, Dec 1, 2016 at 7:46 PM, Shilpa Velamuri <shilpa.vel at>
> Is there a runtime debug flag that can be turned on to see log messages
> libqmi to see if it is sending out any indications.

    // Set default handler for all libqmi log messages
    g_log_set_handler ("Qmi", G_LOG_LEVEL_MASK, log_handler, NULL);
    // And enable traces so that sent/received messages are printed
    qmi_utils_set_traces_enabled (TRUE);

The log_handler method is a GLogFunc:

You can see an example in libqmi sources under src/qmicli/qmicli.c.

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