not able to receive any indications using libqmi on Linaro

Shilpa Velamuri shilpa.vel at
Wed Nov 16 22:29:29 UTC 2016

The libqmi interaction/WWAN code is all running in a separate thread being
part of a bigger application. The g_main_loop is running in this thread. I
am receiving responses to requests but no indications from libqmi. Code is
using proxy to talk to LE910 modem.

In the callback of Nas Client allocation, i invoke:

In the callback to the above qmi_client_nas_register_indications:

i register for NAS serving-system indication as :
                          G_CALLBACK (SrvSysIndCallback),

The callback is never invoked even though the modem is registered and has

what am i doing wrong? Could you help?
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