Compare MC7430 based on qmi_wwan and GobiNet

Bjørn Mork bjorn at
Fri Sep 9 10:09:48 UTC 2016

dailijin  <dailijin126 at> writes:

> Hi Bjorn,
> Thanks your detailed explanation.
> As to qmi_wwan support dummy header,  is there patch about this now?

No, and there won't be.

You cannot use an QMI interface without additional software support,
like something based on libqmi or uqmi.  There is nothing to gain from
providing DHCP functionality.  The userspace manage software can just as
easily configure the network interface using address information
retrieved via QMI requests.

The other use case for ethernet is bridging. But implementing support
for this with fake headers added by the driver is not trivial. It's
actually a lot cleaner to look at the two interfaces you want to bridge
and figure out how uou want them to appear to the outside. Whether you
have ethernet headers or not, the mobile interface is hiding an IP
point-to-point tunnel with a single IPv4 address routed to the client
side.  It's much easier to translate that into something looking like an
ethernet bridge without the complexity of having to deal with a semi-
perfect translation already implemented in firmware and/or driver.


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